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If you thinking about becoming a consultant and self-employed from a full time position, then there are several issues to bear in mind. Following are some topics and frequently asked questions. By answering them we hope to be able to help you out.

Please note that this is not professional advice, at all times please seek professional advice on any of these issues. We cannot be held responsible for any decisions you make based on the information on this page.


1.    Am I an employee of System Development Guild?

No. We are entering a contract with you, our relationship is client - contractor.


2.    Do I have to get a GST number?

Yes. If your earnings gross over $30,000 in your year, which as a consultant for System Development Guild they will, you will need to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST). In order to charge us for GST you must have a GST number. This GST number must be on all invoices or we will be unable to your GST. GST in British Columbia is 7 per cent.

Revenue Canada:
Phone number for GST applications in British Columbia: (800) 959-5525


3.    Do I have to get a PST number?

No. You are not selling a product, you are providing a service only. This means any PST charges do not apply to you.


3.    Who pays the Workers Compensation Board?

We do. All contractors of a company must be declared with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and as such we pay for your coverage. This does not mean you are an employee of System Development Guild.

Workers Compensation Board:


4.    Who pays taxes, CPP and other deductions?

You are. Income tax, CPP and any other deductions are all the consultants responsibility. This is because you are not an employee of System Development Guild. Since you are (normally) self-employed these are your responsibilty.


5.    What's this, I have to sign a contract?

Yes, signing a contract is a pre-requisite for contracting to System Development Guild. To work as a contractor for System Development Guild you must sign a standard contract. This basically outlines the non-disclosure and copyright agreements for the client, how and when you will get paid and the termination agreements. This contract is a standard one and is signed by all our contractors to protect everybody involved. For more information on this please contact your local representative.


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