Step 1

If you have found a job you want to apply for..... 

  • Check out our sample resume.
  • Find some advice on resumes.
  • See some frequently asked questions on consulting.
  • Please note there is no need to send in your resume if we already have it on file. We keep all resumes for a period of 3 months. After that period or if anything has changed since you last sent us your resume please send in a new copy of your resume. Otherwise please send an e-mail detailing the position(s) your are interested in.
  • Please note that most of our clients require the following: Canadian or US residency, a degree or equivalent (preferably Comp. Sci.) and at least 3 years technical experience. If you do not have all of the above, it is unlikely we can help. We are not in the business of helping you with visas or other immigration requirements since most of our clients are not either. There are other agencies who specialize in this.
Step 2

Some extras to include with your resume.... 

  • The job reference number and the place you saw the position advertised.
  • The hourly rate and/or annual salary you are looking for.
  • The locations that you will work in. Plus the locations that you will not go to.
  • Please note that before being placed through System Development Guild you will be required to provide at least 3 references that will be checked and to sign our standard contract (if you are working under contract).
Step 3

Please e-mail us your resume if you can...


  • You will receive a notification-of-receipt from us, by e-mail.
  • Your resume layout and formatting will be retained. 
  • Attach your resume as an .rtf (rich text format) file. The amount of people who send resumes as Word Documents with macros in is amazing considering the recent virus outbreaks. Any word documents with macros in will be deleted and not opened.
general information:
If you are sending your resume to us please send it as an attached file in one of the following formats:
your name:
your e-mail:
where did you originally 
hear about us?
Advert - newsgroup 
Advert - other web site (e.g. BC Technology) 
Advert - newspaper 
Friend or colleague 
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