System Development Guild Inc. specializes in offering high quality consultants to work either as sub-contractors or permanent staff to our clients. You can also, if you prefer, outsource work entirely to System Development Guild Inc. to be done by our own highly qualified consultants. We also specialize in Object Technology training. The consultants we offer have skills not only in Object Technology like Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Smalltalk (all dialects), VisualAge and C++ but also skills in areas such as SQL, Visual Basic, Oracle, Sybase and all the leading relational databases. Skills also include operating systems like UNIX, LINUX, HP-UX, AS/400, Windows 98 and Windows NT to name only a few.

We are fully committed to our clients and have provided IT services for over 10 years in the Vancouver market.  SDG is licensed to supply our clients with sub-contractor and permanent placements. We screen all our applicants, presenting you with only the most qualified candidates. Your requirements get advertised on our website, industry career websites as well as in the newspapers. We also have an extensive portfolio of applicants to choose from our own state-of-the-art database.

If your organization needs top-notch I.T. talent please read below to find out how we can be of service!

Step 1

Send us a description of a full-time job or a temporary contract requirement:

  • Email us a document describing the job/contract using one of the Email links below, or
  • Fill out the requirements form below with the requested details and submit it to us.


Step 2

We will match the job requirements to our consultants' skills. If we do not have any consultants available with those skills we will search for suitable candidates, country-wide. We will interview the candidates to asses their communications and technical skills and select a set of candidates for your to review.


Step 3

We will send you the resumes of all candidates that match your requirements. You must select the best candidates for the position and we will arrange for you to interview them.


general information:
When sending us requirements please send them as an attached file in one of the following formats:
  • Microsoft Word format; this is the best choice of all.
  • rich text format (RTF).
  • ASCII.
  • HTML.
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