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Biographical Sketch: George A. Ludgate Ph.D.

George Ludgate is the founder of and a Senior Consultant in System Development Guild; an international company focussing on training and consulting in the application of contemporary object oriented techniques to building software based intelligent systems. His career in computers spans 19 years in Europe and North America; applying computers and software to the solution of real-world problems. Through his experience, George recognised the need for a formalized full life-cycle, engineering approach to software-based systems development. System Development Guild now offers such an approach, worldwide, in the form of a series of seminars with consulting support.

George has been consulting in the Vancouver, B.C. area since 1986. He specializes in system's engineering for software based systems; in particular, emphasizing the corporate benefits of adopting contemporary object oriented systems development methodologies. He has worked across the entire systems development lifecycle at both the management and technical levels, from planning and feasibility studies through to detailed coding, testing, operating and maintaining a system. He has been involved in consulting and teaching with staff from institutes and corporations such as the Superconducting Super Collider (Texas), Lockheed, Software Research Associates (Tokyo), MacDonald-Detweiller and Associates (B.C.), TRIUMF, Sydney Development Corporation, Westcoast Energy, the University of British Columbia and Bedford Software.

Prior to forming his own company in 1990, George worked at the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia and TRIUMF (all in British Columbia). During his 14 years at TRIUMF, George held several management positions of increasing responsibilty. He was charged with developing and managing a distributed office automation system for TRIUMF, spread over a wide geographical area. Later, he lead the team responsible for the design, construction and implementation of a high speed, real-time distributed data acquisition system. Finally he moved to head the TRIUMF Controls Software Group. For several years George was an Associate with a prominant Canadian real-time consulting company, Inwood Real-Time Systems Associates, where he first gained consulting experience.

George is a systems development methodology expert focussing on the application of proven system engineering principles to the construction of real-time, interactive and online software based intelligent systems. He specializes in the processes of conceptual studies, project planning, domain and system's analysis, architectural design, detailed design and all management aspects of system building. He consults in CASE tool selection and purchasing, particularly on recommending the applicability to various tools to the different development methodologies.

E-mail address: george@sdgworld.com


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